Iron Mermaids

A Specialty Course for Ladies Only

Currently, in session – check back for the next course coming in a few months!
limited class size.
Open to members and non-members

Strong Women

If you have clicked on this link, you have thought about your body’s potential.  If you have landed on this page, you are at least curious about how you can build muscle and achieve the goals that you want, all while looking amazing.  Or maybe you just love mermaids like the rest of us… 

The point is that you have taken the first step towards increasing your strength, decreasing your risk of osteoporosis, burning fat, reducing stress, improving posture, decreasing pain, and creating definition and tone.  Oh, and having a ton of fun with a bunch of women just like you!

“But I don’t want to bulk up and look like a guy!”

Are you going to workout 6-10 hours every day, count your macros on a ridiculous competition diet and take performance-enhancing drugs?  Then there’s no risk of that – at all.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

Our Iron Mermaids program is designed for any woman who simply wants to improve her health, physique, and attitude while building lean muscle and burning excess fat stores.  Who doesn’t want that?

What you get:

  • 6 weeks of strength training, 2 classes per week for 12 total classes.

  • The best equipment, facility, and coaching.

  • Wodify tracking software.

  • At-home exercises you can do when the program is over.

  • Introduction, instruction and technique coaching on barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, dumbbell and resistance bands, as well as accessory work.

  • All skill levels are welcome – any exercise can be modified as needed.

  • Ages 14 and up.

  • A super fun bunch of women getting stronger together – supporting one another and celebrating our successes.

(Limited class size to those ready to unleash the strength – and their inner mermaid)


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