It’s all in the Program!

It is important to understand that we believe every movement of every workout can (and in many cases Should) be scaled to the athlete.  It can be scaled up or down as is appropriate for each person.  All of our workouts can be scaled just like that.  Our coaches are here to help you determine how and when you Should scale and course-correct in the middle of the workout when necessary as well.

We’ve taken this a step further and invested in a program that is a virtual game-changer in tailoring workouts to an individual’s overall fitness level.  This program is called The Level Method.

The Level Method tests your fitness over 15 functional movements and base workouts.  In each of these 15 tests, you will fall within a color level of white to purple – much like BJJ if you are familiar with that.  To break it down even further, the MAP which details these levels has 2 sidekicks – Masters and Teens.  Because these two segments often will not have the mobility, flexibility or strength of those aged ~20-50, these supplemental MAPs provide relevant scoring data to accurately place you in a color level.

Why do we do this?  Because we want you to get the most out of your workout.  In order to do that, you need to be doing the movements, weight and rep scheme appropriate to that level and to elicit the appropriate energy response the workout was designed to provide.  The Level Method does this.

Not only do we use it to test and place our members at the right level, but we also subscribe to the Level Method Programming for our daily workouts.  You can see an example below.

(01_07 - 01_12) Programming Week TV Display

As you can see, the workout has the same basic components, but as you progress from white to purple, the weight, height, volume or movements change to accommodate the athlete’s performance level.

We are serious about safety at 9th Wave and this program provides the platform to assess, address and progress safely.  We’re here to get you More healthy and fit, not wreck it!


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