Meet our coaches:

Bobbi is the owner and head coach at 9th Wave Fitness Community. She comes from a body movement background, leading large groups (75-200) in warm-ups, movement training and stretching/mobility for over 20 years. Bobbi has been coaching functional fitness classes for 4 years and holds certifications in CrossFit L1 Trainer, Scaling and masters age training, Certified Owner and Coach training through The Level Method and is currently pursuing additional certifications. She has also been a coach in the New Smyrna Beach Mayor’s Fitness Challenge for 2 years.

She believes in a coaching style that honors the daily goals of her athletes… Whether that be to push towards competing or to simply sweat out the stress of the day.

Bobbi’s favorite lift: Clean and Jerkbobbi
Bobbi’s favorite movement: Squats
Bobbi’s Favorite cardio: Rowing

Bobbi’s favorite thing to teach: Deadlift and Olympic Weightlifting



Brianna is a 5 year CrossFit athlete with 4 years of coaching under her belt. She is Level 1/USAW Weightlifting trained. Her favorite saying is “Move your ass!”


Brianna’s favorite lift: SnatchesBri
Brianna’s favorite movement: Squats
Brianna’s Favorite cardio: ASS bike
Brianna’s favorite thing to teach: Handstands and variations



Randy is a firefighter of 13 years. He has been into fitness since the 9th grade. Randy was on his high school football and weightlifting teams. He is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and loves barbell lifting.


Randy’s favorite lift: Snatch
Randy’s favorite movement: SquatsRandy
Randy’s Favorite cardio: Jump rope
Randy’s favorite thing to teach: Olympic lifts


Jason- Coming soon!
Louis- Coming soon!

Personal Trainers:
Bobbi and Jenny


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