9th Wave

All the great stories in this world are sprung from myth and legend.  The great stories we are living today will one day be myth or legend themselves.  The 9th Wave is no exception.

The Myth

In many ancient Celtic and Germanic cultures, we hear of a mystical 9th Wave.  As with other myths surrounding entrance to the Otherworld, there is a test that must be passed, or a threshold that must be crossed with intention and purpose.  Only the true, brave and strong will gain entrance.

It is said that when you cross over the 9th Wave, you will find yourself in the Otherworld.  The Otherworld is a magical place that doesn’t adhere to the laws of our world. Beyond The 9th Wave, time slows down and anything is possible.

Wouldn’t you love to put time on hold?  Wouldn’t you love to know that anything is possible?

The Legend

Being so close to the sea, we can’t forget to mention the Captain’s legend around The 9th Wave.  As with the myth above leading to the Otherworld, the 9th Wave in legend is also a rite of passage.  Also known as the Rogue Wave, the 9th Wave is the largest and most brutal wave a sea captain will have to traverse.

It is said that only the Strongest Vessel and the most Skillful of Captains can navigate The 9th Wave and stay his course.

Are you ready to strengthen your vessel?  Are you ready to master the skills needed to get there?

Our Vision

When we decided to embark on the journey of opening a gym, our passion was in bringing this amazing catalyst to as many people as we could ~ young adults, moms and dads, professionals, twilighters, seniors ~ and especially those who thought their time for becoming fit had come and gone.  We want everyone who Wants to experience fitness or improve their fitness, to have an opportunity to do so.

When you cross beyond the 9th wave, time slows down and anything is possible

When you pass through our doors, that’s exactly how we want you to feel.  No matter what your age, fitness level, physical limitations or past athletic experience shows, you can benefit from our functional fitness community.  When you set your mind to building a strong vessel and vast skillset, adopt the mentality that No One can stop you and are consistent in your efforts…truly, anything is possible.

Come in and let us show you!

If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you know this hasn’t always been our name… now you know why we were IXW…


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