About us

At 9th Wave Fitness Community, we want to see every person who walks through our doors unlock their fitness potential.  From our Rogue-equipped facility to our caring and knowledgeable coaches, We’ll be here to support that every step of the way.

As Masters Athletes (over 40) we are keenly aware of how important it is to get and stay active as we age.  Our goal in starting this gym was to foster a community where everyone feels worthy of getting fit and no one – no matter how old – feels like functional fitness is out of their reach.

Our story ~

  • Rob came to functional fitness at 49 with chronic and debilitating back pain and a host of injuries from sports in high school and college.  Although he had stayed active in the gym and with personal trainers, his mobility, pain, and strength were still deteriorating.  He changed gyms and his personal trainer suggested group classes.  What did he have to lose?  Within a very short time, his mobility and strength increased and his pain lessened.  And something else happened – he started to gain function in everyday tasks that he hadn’t even realized he’d lost.  He’s still improving, functional movement has literally given him his life back.
  • I’m a different story.  After high school, I had mostly office jobs and led a very sedentary lifestyle for nearly 30 years.  Having some health challenges and old injuries of my own, I shied away from exercise and found myself getting weaker, more stoved up, with creakier joints and it seemed like something new decided to hurt all the time.  I felt 15 years older than I was.  After seeing how much success Rob had, at 48, I decided to give it a try as well.  This is where the stories align – after a very short time, I experienced the same results, doing things I never thought I could do when I was 15 years younger… let alone now.

It was these personal experiences that led us to decide that we wanted to share this with the community in Southeast Volusia County, FL – which happens to have a high rate of its resident population at 40+.  Although no one can guarantee results, we truly believe that in most cases, functional movements can improve the quality of life, strength, endurance, mobility, stamina, functionality and general health of most anyone who invests themselves into a consistent program with good, caring and knowledgeable coaches.

Whether you are 18 or 100+; looking to be the next CrossFit Games Regional Athlete or simply improve your overall fitness, we have a program, the very best equipment, the most caring coaches and the greatest community to support your success.

Yours in Fitness,
Bobbi and Rob Hollars

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