Does this barbell make me look bulky?

Ummm no.  That oversized t-shirt and leggings that you wear on the couch do, though.

I wish I could say all the things that run through my head when people (MOM!) say things like this to me:  “Now, don’t lift so much weight that you get too big.”  Uhhh what? I’m a 5’10” big-boned woman who takes after my 6’3″ daddy.  Pretty sure I am already there in the eyes of the fashion mags.  Even still, I look nothing like a bodybuilder on stage.  My muscles, though well-developed, don’t make me look any more ‘bulky’ than genetics already did.  Strength training with barbells and other weighted equipment won’t make you ‘bulky’ either. 

What they Will do, however, is give you confidence, strength, improved posture, decreased risk of osteoporosis, better neurological function, faster metabolism, improved attitude and overall better health and fitness.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if you start buying tank tops that read things like “Be a Badass with a Good Ass”.  It’s just part of the confidence package.

You see, something happens when a woman picks up a barbell.  Preconceived notions are obliterated as she surprises herself with how much weight she can load on that shiny flag-pole and lift off the ground.  We were built for this, ladies.  We are the ones who pick up and tote all those kids around.  We carry 16 bags of groceries in one trip.  We load that 120# dog into the car while he’s doing his best to escape.  We move furniture, we carry giant bags of soil and mulch, we load and unload thousands and thousands of pounds of birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts over the course of our life, and let’s not forget all those suitcases we cram into the trunk of the car for vacations and holidays.  

So why do we need to go to the gym and do this strength training?  If we already do all this stuff – what’s the point?

  • Instruction on proper technique
  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • Programming to balance out your lean muscle over your frame
  • Knowledge and know-how to keep you safe when you are doing all that other silly stuff that we have to do every day of our lives.
  • Other women who will support you and lift you up instead of tearing you down and giving you all the reasons you shouldn’t be making a better version of you.
  • Setting the example of good exercise and body composition for our daughters, nieces, and friends. 

Now that you know why you need to pick up that barbell, let’s talk about how.

The first step is already done – you read this blog and you are informed. 

Step two is just as easy – click this link to sign up for our Iron Mermaids 6 week course.  —> Click here!

Still not convinced?  I challenge you to come in and get an InBody Body Composition Analysis test to see exactly what your lean muscle mass, body fat %, visceral fat, body water and BMR are.  Our InBody 570 is pharmaceutical grade technology delivering accurate and actionable results.  The only shame is not knowing.

Want more info before you sign up?  No problem.  We are happy to give you the good stuff.  Click here!  Or visit our Iron Mermaids course page HERE!


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